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Buying Listed Property



Listed Building means that the building is on a national register as a property of architectural or historic importance or interest. These properties have exceptional character due to its style and substance. All the building, both inside and out, plus the area around the building is protected under the listing.

The owner of a listed building has a duty to keep it in good repair and to maintain the buildings character. 

A listed building consent must be applied for and obtained prior to making any changes to the listed building which might affect its special interest.

Any unauthorised work by a previous owners can cause problems to a new buyer. Before you purchase a listed building, you must ensure that all work in the past had planning permission, listed building consent. The current owner, not the previous owner who carried out the work, is liable to correct any alterations or additions that do not meet with the conservation officer’s conditions and standards. A new owner will inherit these problems. And there is no time limit on the enforcement of such repairs.

Professional assistance in purchase of Listed Buildings. We know the complications involved and can provide complete assstance.

The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) contains details of all listed buildings in England. To find out if a property is listed, use  the search facility in the HistoricEngland website,

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