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Freehold Residential Property

£1 - £250,000 - £1750 plus VAT

£250,001-£500,000. - £2000 plus VAT

£500,001 - £750,000 - £2500 plus VAT

£750,001 - £1,000,000. - £3000 plus VAT

£1 Million - £2 Million - £4000 plus VAT

£2 Million - £3 Million - £5000 plus VAT

Above £3 Million - We charge on hourly basis, £350 plus VAT per hour

Following additional fees will also apply;

Leasehold properties - £450 plus VAT is applicable

Transfer of Equity - £650 plus VAT

Deed of Gift - £250 plus VAT

Additional work - £250 plus VAT per hour

File Storage Fee - £250 plus VAT

Land Transaction Return fee: £250 plus VAT

Photocopying charges: £75 plus VAT

CHAPS or TT admin fee per transaction: £60 plus VAT

New build property: £750 plus VAT 

Help to Buy ISA Bonus scheme: £50 plus VAT per person

Help to Buy Equity Scheme: £250 plus VAT

Disbursements in Conveyancing matters: 

In conveyancing matters (residential and commercial), there will be the additional expenses apart from the fees we charge;

Land Registry fees (will depend on the value of the property)

Searches cost: Approximately £400 or higher in residential and can be approximately £800 or higher in commercial.

AML checks: £16 approx

Lawyer Account check: £12 approx

Bank charge for CHAPS/TT (per transaction): £17

Lenders LMS Portal Fees: £12 (only for LMS lender cases)

Land Registry Searches: £12 approx

There may be other disbursements or expenses incidental to the matter which we may come to know during the progresss of the transaction and we will notify the cients as soon as it comes to our attention. 

Commercial Conveyancing

£350 plus VAT per hour

Immigration Work

£350 plus VAT per hour

Independant Legal Advice

£350 plus VAT per person for residential property matters. For other ILA matters, fee is charged on hourly basis at £350 plus VAT per hour.

There may be other fees applicable in the transaction, which we will let you know as soon as it comes to our attention. 

Please also note that our fees does not include any disbursement/expenses applicable in the transaction and you will have to pay for that.

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