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Our complaints procedure

If you have received a legal service from us (if you are a client) and is dissatisfied with the level of service we provided you, then you can make a complaint and the complaint procedure are detailed below.

Stage 1: You should register your complaint with us in writing. We will try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. The details of how to submit your complaint to us are detailed in the client care letter we have provided you at the outset of the transaction.

Stage 2: If your complaint remains unresolved after 8 weeks of registering your complaint with us, then you can submit your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. The details of how to submit the complaint to the Legal Ombudsman are detailed on their website,


Deadline to make complaint:

The customer/client should register their complaint with us within one year. After giving the complaint to us within one year, you will have to wait for 8 weeks.  The complaint to the Legal Ombudsman must be made within six months from the date of conclusion of our complaints procedure.


Other complaints resolution methods:

There are other complaints resolution bodies which may be able to resolve your complaint and they are as follows;

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