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Residential Conveyancing

JT Solicitors has a dedicated conveyancing team that can give you just the support and confidence that you need at the most competitive rates.

Legal searches, Land Registry documents, contracts of sale and complex boundary or access negotiations often make process of buying and selling property more complicated. You need a legal advisor with the expertise, and experience to help you avoid any unforeseen legal complications and make the buying and selling process as efficient and as painless as possible.


We have special arrangements with various Search Providers and can obtain the essential searches at very reasonable costs. This will help to keep the disbursements at the lowest level.

No Completion Low Fee


In residential property transactions, there is high risk of either parties pulling out at any stage before the exchange of Contracts. Normally in such circumstances you are required to pay the full legal fees. This will be an additional burden especially if you are a first time buyer.If for any reason your residential property transaction does not proceed to completion, we will make no further charge from you if you sign up for this arrangement. In normal circumstances you are required to pay our full legal fees. If you sign up for this arrangement, you are not required to pay our full legal fees. This arrangement applies only to JT Solicitors legal Fees only.

Commercial Conveyancing

JT solicitors has excellent experience in enabling business owners to purchase or lease suitable commercial properties – factories, workshops, offices, shops, industrial units, or whatever premises you need for your growth plans.

We act for sellers, purchasers, landlords and tenants and we can give specialist legal advice on options to purchase, conditional contracts, short-term letting and longer leases, standard sales and purchases and complex legal provisions concerning renewal and termination of business tenancies.

We can also advice on the setting up and drafting of all legal documentation required for residential estate developments for new property, ranging from a few new houses to larger-scale developments, together with support on planning obligations and infrastructure service agreements.

Finding the right home for your business can be a stressful experience, but Joseph Thaliyan Solicitors will help you to find out what you need quickly and make it happen as efficiently as possible.

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